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  • This site starts from a personal study memo and information collection. Encouraged by friends study together, We open it to public. Now, contributed by friends here, the information becomes more and more, and of more valuable. Thank friends study together.
  • This site is a community. If you have questions please post it to forum. Not only the technologies issue, but also feeling and thinking.
  • About how to write post, please reference site guide, and Wiki Syntax for Wiki.
  • The contents of this site is contributed by study friends of community. So We have no guarantee on the contents. If you question of contents, please discuss it in forum.
  • Though We have English, Chinese, Japanese version, there are difference between the language versions. Translation and correction are welcome.

Notice: Please don't post key information i.e. password and other non-technology issue to this site, Thanks.

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Mobile Titanium Invalid <TabGroup> child type: Alloy.Require Post at 06 Apr 2015 15:51
When I try to compile the code of Building Cross-Platform Apps using Titanium, Alloy, and Appcelerator Cloud Services Chapter 5, Titanium reports
"[ERROR]: Invalid <TabGroup> child type: Alloy.Require" (Read more…) Comment:0, Rating:0

Mobile Titanium Studio Installer Error on XP Post at 04 Apr 2015 09:41
When install Titanium Studio 3.4 on Windows XP, the installer reports cannot read
"C:\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Application Data\Appcelerator\Titanium Studio 3.3.1\9DF8AB5\plugins\com.appcelerator.titanium.core_3.1.2.1410892015\com\appcelerator\titanium\core\internal\cli\TitaniumSDKCommandHandlersRegistry$CommandHandlerHolder$1.class". (Read more…) Comment:0, Rating:0

Oracle ASM logical file protecting rule Post at 07 Mar 2015 11:38
Oracle ASM can protected logical file from overriding by same database. Let's explore the protecting rule. (Read more…) Comment:0, Rating:0

Oracle 10g R2 over RHEL6/CentOS6 cannot start standalone cssd after setup css with localconfig add Post at 07 Mar 2015 06:28
Environment: Oracle 10g R2 over RHEL6/CentOS6
Problem: cssd cannot start after run "localconfig add".
Reason: RHEL6/CentOS6 replace sysvinit with upstart, which will not execute "/etc/init.d/init.cssd run &", so cannot start cssd with "/etc/init.d/init.cssd start".
Solution: Write a new css daemon respawn script instead of inittab setting. (Read more…) Comment:0, Rating:0

Oracle install oracle 10g to centos 6 minimal vmware Post at 24 Feb 2015 03:38
Oracle Database 10g is a stable and with lots of necessary feature.
But it's too old to support new OS officially.
I had been asked a question about 10g ASM which need a 10g environment. BTW write a note here. (Read more…) Comment:0, Rating:0

Oracle JVM, XDB installation and uninstallation Post at 28 Aug 2013 09:10
I need reinstall JVM and XDB, but DBCA failed with recompile error. After google the topic, I found a good article from stackoverflow. (Read more…) Comment:0, Rating:0

mongodb - Experience of Foursqure Post at 15 Aug 2013 09:36
foursqure is one of the largest application of mongodb (Read more…) Comment:0, Rating:0

iOS - About UIWebView Cache Post at 15 Aug 2013 09:25
iOS - About UIWebView Cache, there are lots of discussion (Read more…) Comment:0, Rating:0

New Blog Style Post at 15 Aug 2013 08:55
Last week end, I changed the layout and style of this site. (Read more…) Comment:0, Rating:0

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