Disable Outlook New Mail Desktop Alert

Disabling Outlook 2003 Email Alert Pop-ups

Can you tell me how to prevent Outlook 2003 from popping up an alert from the Windows system tray when a new email message arrives? I know how to disable alerts manually on each machine, but I'd like to turn off pop-ups for a group of users all at once.

The Outlk11.adm administrative template provides a Group Policy setting to manage that option.
Open Group Policy Editor (GPE) and navigate to

  • -> User Configuration,
  • -> Administrator Templates,
  • -> Tools,
  • -> Options,
  • -> Preferences,
  • -> E-mail options,
  • -> Advanced E-mail options,
  • -> Desktop Alert.

The Check to disable New Mail Desktop Alert policy setting controls the DWORD registry value


which at


The default value data (0) enables alerts. To disable alerts, change the value data to 1.